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Implementation recipes

This page gathers implementation guides, or recipes, concerning specific topics not covered elsewhere. Beginners should start learning about using Cogment through the tutorial and general information are located in the api guide.

If you feel a specific topic is not adressed, please fill an issue or get in touch.

Fully configure a trial from a Controller

When starting a trial, the controller can only provide an instance of the trial configuration message and from this instance the pre trial hook can fill the trial parameters, including a full configuring of the environment and actors involved in the trial. More details can be found here. In some cases, you might want to fully configure a trial from the controller. This recipe is dedicated to this use case.


Implementing this recipe enables any client having access to the orchestrator to specify URLs - the actor and environment endpoints - that will be accessed (and trusted) by the orchestrator.

The general idea is to define TrialConfig so that it includes everything that's needed to parametrize the trial. It should look something like the following.

message EnvironmentParams {
  string endpoint = 1;
  EnvConfig config = 2;
  string implementation = 3;

message ActorParams {
    string name = 1;
    string actor_class = 2;
    string endpoint = 3;
    string implementation = 4;
    ActorConfig config = 5;

message TrialConfig {
    EnvironmentParams environment = 1;
    repeated ActorParams actors = 2;
    uint32 max_steps = 3;
    uint32 max_inactivity = 4;

When starting a trial from the controller you'll need to define the full config.

trial_id = await controller.start_trial(trial_config=TrialConfig(
        config=# [...],

Finally a pass-through pretrial hook needs to be implemented, registered and served. Its endpoint must be specified in the cogment.yaml file under trial.pre_hooks.

async def passthrough_pre_trial_hook(pre_trial_hook_session):
    trial_config = pre_trial_hook_session.trial_config
    pre_trial_hook_session.environment_config = trial_config.environment.config
    pre_trial_hook_session.environment_endpoint = trial_config.environment.endpoint
    pre_trial_hook_session.environment_implementation = trial_config.environment.implementation
    pre_trial_hook_session.actors = [
            "actor_class": actor_params.actor_class,
            "endpoint": actor_params.endpoint,
            "implementation": actor_params.implementation,
            "config": actor_params.config,
        for actor_params in trial_config.actors
    pre_trial_hook_session.trial_max_steps = trial_config.max_steps
    pre_trial_hook_session.trial_max_inactivity = trial_config.max_inactivity