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Interface: CogmentYamlTrialParameters

Default static configuration for a trial.



actors: CogmentYamlActor[]

List of actor slots available for registration during the trial.

Defined in: cogment/types/CogmentYaml.ts:58


environment: object

Static environment configuration.

Type declaration:

Name Type Description
config? Record<string, unknown> Custom configuration for this trial passed to CogmentYaml.pre_hooks - keys/values must match the environment's config protobuf {@link CogmentYaml.environment.config_type
endpoint string gRPC URI of the environment endpoint.

Defined in: cogment/types/CogmentYaml.ts:62


Optional max_inactivity: number

The maximum number of ticks before the trial is considered inactive and eligible for garbage collection.

Defined in: cogment/types/CogmentYaml.ts:77


Optional max_steps: number

The maximum number of ticks the trial should run for.

Defined in: cogment/types/CogmentYaml.ts:81