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Cogment Orchestrator is an out-of-the-box component. It is the central entity in the framework that ties all the services together. From the perspective of a Cogment user, it can be considered as the live interpreter of the cogment.yaml configuration file. It is the service that client applications will connect to in order to start and run trials.



After initializing your project using cogment init, you should already have everything setup for a standard usage. For a fully manual setup refer to the dedicated section.

The Orchestrator is central to any Cogment usage, please refer to the API guide to learn how to interact with it using the high level APIs provided by the Cogment SDKs.


Typically, the orchestrator would be configured via Dockerfile. For example:

FROM cogment/orchestrator:v1.0.3

# Set environment variables

# The orchestrator itself is the entrypoint.
# You can set command line options via the CMD
CMD ["--config=/some/path/cogment.yaml", "--loglevel=debug"]


Path to the cogment.yaml file, relative to the current working directory.

  • Default: 'cogment.yaml`
  • Command line: --config=#


Log Level

The port to listen for trial lifecycle messages on

  • Values: off, error, warning, info, debug, trace
  • Default: info
  • Command line: --log_level=#

Daily Logger

Base file for daily log output

  • Default: N/A
  • Command line: --log_file=#


Prometheus Port

The port to broadcast prometheus metrics on

  • Default: N/A
  • Environment Variable: PROMETHEUS_PORT
  • Command line: --prometheus_port=#

Actor Port

The port for the cogment.ActorEndpoint service

  • Default: 9000
  • Environment Variable: TRIAL_ACTOR_PORT
  • Command line: --lifecycle_port=#

lifecycle port

The port for the cogment.TrialLifecycle service

  • Default: 9000
  • Environment Variable: TRIAL_LIFECYCLE_PORT
  • Command line: --lifecycle_port=#


Private Key

File containing PEM encoded private key.

  • Default: N/A
  • Command line: --private_key=#

Root Cert

File containing a PEM encoded trusted root certificate.

  • Default: N/A
  • Command line: --root_cert=#

Trust Chain

File containing a PEM encoded trust chain.

  • Default: N/A
  • Command line: --trust_chain=#

Low level gRPC API

The Orchestrator implements two gRPC endpoints that are specified as part of the Cogment API:



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